Monday, July 22, 2013

2 in Cakestand and other BOMs

Summer highlights....

Okay... I am amazed at all the delightful, beautiful projects posted by quilters and artisans out there on the blog world.  I want to start everything ...   Here are a few of the ongoing projects and BOMs:

1. 2-in Cakestand block craze from Temecula Quilt blog post.  I love these little basket blocks so much so that I finished 40 blocks in a day and half instead of piecing a block every day in July.  Once you are on the roll, you don't wanna stop...   Oops...  Don''t you hate when you run out of background fabric?  I will have to check at my favorite local quilt shop for more fabric otherwise, 40 will be it...!

2.  2013 Designer Mystery BOM from Fat Quarter - I decided at the last minute to add this project to quilt projects... and just love it.  I finished block 2 but only have a photo from the first month.  

3.  Sue Spargo BOM - Just love all my little birdies...   I love her projects and creativity with cotton, wool, linen, silk, chenille and all the creative stitching.  Now ... all I need to save up for one of her creative classes (like one of her classes in Italy would be fabulous!)  

4.  Civil War Melodies 2013-  When I started this project, I didn't like the fabric thinking it wouldn't work for the quilt blocks. Immediately I started thinking about substitutes.... for each block however, I decided not change out of fabric trusting the designers.  Now... It is one of favorite ongoing projects!  I am so excited once I start pulling it all together.   I know I wouldn't have bought several of the fabrics in this line but I am amazed that it really works with the quilt block.

4.  Civil War Sampler by Barbara Brackman -  another favorite...   

5.  And... many others BOM and UFOs...  It is insanity but I love all the bloggers inspiring me to add more 'projects' into my life!  UFOs... The Japanese Taupe Quilt project is still ongoing... a slow progress but I hope to finish it this year :0)   

Funny quote of the day:  “I don’t suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.” - Unknown

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  1. LOVE what you are showing here! I think I like what you like! More please! :)